Warlito Valdez

Warlito Valdez

Always in our hearts Warlito
You will never be forgotten

From: Marg Halliwell

Thinking of you and your compassion, dedication and support of the people you served.

From: Sue Jones

Thinking about you and your family.

From: Carrie

Those we love don’t go away,
They walk beside us everyday.
Unseen, unheard,
but always near,
so loved, so missed,
so very dear.

From: Anne

Thank you for your dedication, will remember you and family in our prayers

From: Shaj Thomas

I was a new hire at RSCL when I first met Warlito at the Annual Family Picnic in 2019. He was supporting an individual whose brother we also support at the employment services. We quickly gelled not only because we come from the same province in the Philippines, but having helped internationally trained professionals reenter their profession in my previous job, we ended up chatting about possible private and government support, subsidies, and options for him to get back to the nursing industry. We also exchanged funny stories and anecdotes of our struggles as new immigrants in Canada. Sadly, that was the last time I saw him but continued to connect to give advice through texts. Warlito strikes me as a man full of promise and a strong passion for service, a dedicated husband with the fullness of life and determination to provide for his young family. Though he left early and missed the chance to get certified to be a nurse in Canada, does not matter now. Besides, he was already a certified husband, a certified Dad, a certified friend of the community, a certified family provider working multiple jobs, and a certified front-line essential worker who was a certified hero by giving his life for service.

We will miss you Warlito, but we will never forget your examples of a life well-lived.

From: Rolando

I remember you with gratitude ❣️

From: Sue Jones

Thinking of you and your family. Grateful for your dedication and for the impact you had on the people you touched in your life.

From: Denise

I never had the chance to work alongside Warlito, but I join my colleagues in remembering him and his dedication to supporting those living with disabilities. Our whole community continues to feel his loss.

From: Erin

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