Ron Lockhart

Ron Lockhart

In 1982 Ron Lockhart went to work on the railway in Alberta. He never returned. He and 2 other young workers (he was aged 20 years) had tucked underneath a train car to eat their lunch as it was raining. While they were eating a crane that was nearby on a hill had faulty brakes and came down and landed on top of the train car killing Ron and his 2 colleagues. I have not been able to find this tragedy online and know how much it devastated his family and friends. Gone too soon but will always be remembered.

From: Jennifer Stevens

Thank you Jennifer for your kind remembrance of my brother. It means a lot to me.

From: Debbie Lockhart

Ron was my brother, and his sudden death was the worst shock and grief our family had ever experienced. His friend, Rick Thyne, was also killed in that accident. They had both just started jobs (first and second day), working on the dual line at Red Pass, AB. His dear friend, the late Ron Stevens, watched them both die. The impact on Ron and Rick’s families and friends is felt to this day. My heart breaks.

From: Susan Adams

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