Marinko Bleko

Marinko Bleko

March 4, 2020 you took your last breath. With my hand on your chest. Telling you in my mind. Let go. It’s ok. Let go.

Your life, well lived, was taken from us far too soon. For 4 years you showed strength, determination, courage, bravery, and positivity in the face of a terminal and very painful illness, mesothelioma.

You were someone anyone could look up to. A role model. Your heart filled with joy when you could lend a helping hand to a friend, a neighbour, your family, a stranger. You’d jump at the opportunity to help and to teach another.

You were smart. Witty. A library of jokes and sayings you eagerly shared with others to put a smile on their faces.

You were kind, caring, compassionate. Welcoming, generous and respectful. You opened your home and heart to others and made them feel like family.

An enormous presence. You loved deeply, dearly, unconditionally.  You gave so much. The impact you made has left a huge void impossible to fill.

You taught me what love is. I am thankful you were my dad. I was lucky to have you. Now my heart aches from the pain I feel from losing you and all the wonderful things that came with you.

Love you. Miss you. ❤

From: Kata

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