Kelly Christopher Clarke

Kelly Christopher Clarke

I just happened to come across this wall thanks to Facebook and wanted to share some fond and funny memories I have of Kelly. His family moved next door to us on 264th street when I was about 13 years old. The first night they moved in, I heard a voice outside on the street calling for Kenny. Well we are out in the middle of nowhere and we know all our neighbours and I don’t know a Kenny so I call out , ” who are you looking for and who are you?” A voice comes through the darkness , “I’m Kelly. We just moved next door.” I am so excited! I am surrounded by all these farm boys and lacking a whole lot of female companionship and here I think I have a girl neighbour named Kelly right next door! Imagine the look on my face when Kelly shows up at the door with his big smile and bouncy blonde curls. We became pretty good friends. He liked to run around the farm and ride bikes play baseball in the field and play with all the animals. Once we were waiting for the bus and he showed me that he had a baby skunk in his jacket. I told him he was pretty stinky but he didnt care. He just loved having that tiny baby in his shirt.
That was Kelly, always having fun marching to his own drum . All my girlfriends fell in love with him over the years, he was that kind of guy. As We got older, our paths didn’t cross much but by chance I was driving home and had just got off the freeway exit at 264th and there was Kelly hitchhiking home. We got caught up on life on that short ride home and nothing had changed. He was still that happy-go-lucky charismatic guy. He died not long after that and I was so saddened to think that we lost such a funny and loving person. Much love to all his family who still miss him so.

From: Linda Follack

Thank you for sharing some of your wonderful memories Linda . . . Very touching knowing he is remembered.

From: Kenyon

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