James Levy Callender

James Levy Callender

Was taken by the effects of exposure to asbestos. A hard working man who always supported his family. He will be missed

From: Steven Callender

I miss you, Dad! Your strength through this has given me strength. ❤️

From: Cori Murphy

A great grandfather and role model, I will forever cherish our time together.

From: Dallas Callender

Jim and I were close all our lives, as Brothers should be. so I will miss him very much.
Due to my flight plans being messed up, I didn’t get to say goodbye to him so I’m saying it now.
Goodbye Jim. Rest In Peace.See you in Heaven.

From: Dave Callender


You were a great father in law to me. I enjoyed your company and our talks. You will be greatly missed.

From: Darryl Diardichuk

Sweet dreams Sweetheart, I shall miss you so much.

From: Pat Callender

You accepted me into your family, and always treated me as one of your own.
I’m grateful for having had you in my life.
You will be missed my friend.

From: Blake Murphy

A man’s man who I looked up to as a teenager in the Callender home. My condolences to the family of this great Scotsman.

From: Rob Murray

Cuz Jim, I smile thinking about you & all the Levy’s up there in heaven, having so many laughs & a great time together reminiscing , Cousins forever!!!

From: Maggie Stasiak (Levy)

I know you are enjoying unlimited luxury cruises, sipping on lots of rum ‘n coke and enjoying black pudding fry ups with all your family and friends xo

From: Paula Callender

Such a good man who always had his door open along with his heart and his arms while we were growing up. My sincerest condolences to all of you. May he be at peace.

From: Lorraine Trulsen

So sorry to hear about your loss Steve. My condolences and prayers to you and your family. I am sure this has been a very difficult time. Please remember that we have you in our thoughts my Brother…

From: Curtis Robinson

Jim, we didn’t have the opportunity to see each other often because of the miles between us, but when you were back in your beloved Scotland and here in my home with our extended family, you were the life and soul. A joy to be with and great fun. R.I.P cuz. Good night. Jan xx

From: Jan Cairns

So glad we got the chance to spend some time with you last summer Uncle Jim. I will raise a glass to you next week on our birthdays xx slangevar
Cha bhithidh a leithid ami riamh

From: Charmaine Mitchell

Cuz Jim, I smile thinking about you & all the Levy Guys up there in heaven, you’re Uncle Bob (my Grandad), you’re Cousin Bob (my Dad), you’re Cousin Dave (my Uncle) & you’re cousin John (my Uncle), all of you having so many laughs & a great time together reminiscing , hopefully not causing too much trouble lol. RIP Cuz, love you lots….xoxo😘💙

From: Maggie Stasiak (nee Levy)

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