Gary David MAY

Gary David MAY

In loving memory of a loved son and brother, (21 yrs). lost his life way too soon. working to make a future to enjoy life.
Missed and loved by so many.
Forever in our hearts.
The May Family

From: Deanne MAY

As parents we never expect to lose one of our children, especially not at work. Our Son’s incident should never have happened. Four lives were lost due to unsfafe practices at the work place. Nothing can be done for our son now, however it is so important for workplaces to communicate both through Management and Employees’ to help prevent further horrific incidents, and to also prevent families from having to live with the nightmare. Losing a child/partner, any loved one at work can be preventable, if everyone works together and report anything that looks unsafe and can say NO not until it is SAFE.

From: Denne May

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