Gary B MacDonald

Gary B MacDonald

To my dear husband,

I still miss you after 20 years. You are still in my thoughts every day. Life has never been the same.


I love you,

From: Beverley MacDonald

To my good friend & brother in law,
I think of you always and wonder how things might have been, if only —? Why did God decide that you should go home to him at that time, when we all needed yoy so much? I miss all the good times that we had, the hunting trips, water sking at Cultas and most of all your friendship. Luke has grown up to be a fine young man. You would be very proud of him, he is very much like you in so many ways.

Love You,

From: Murray Nickel

to each of us comes special moments and people which when our paths cross we remain forever affected and changed. Gary, you were one on those. it seems hardly possible that so much time has gone by now. it just seems a few sleeps ago when you would stick your head through the door and yell got the coffee on? and yes the coffee is always on.

We Love You Still

Pastor & Sis. D

From: Andrew Dillon

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