Dean Howard Love

Dean Howard Love

In memory of Dean Howard Love who lost his life in the forest industry in 2008 while working to provide for his family. Gone but never forgotten….everyday he is still with us. A part of him continues to live on through his son and daughter.

From: Serena Clarke

“This is so beautiful Serena, Nick, Hannah… I didn’t know Dean very well, but he married my beautiful cousin and gave her 2 beautiful children that I’m sure he would be very proud of.
We’ve all lost a love one, if not more then one, and it’s never easy, the pain and loss is always felt, but they live within our heats and memores!
RIP Dean.. you live within all of us xo”

From: Sonja Arena

We love you Dean. We remember when you and Gary made those wooden wheels for the big wheel. They worked for really good. We will never forget you.

From: Gary Shannon

…and a legend never dies…

From: Colleen

Will always miss you Dean, you were a great man.So much like Martin, maybe your both together now. xoxoxoxxoxoxo

From: Tanta Nellie

“From being a great friend to being the best man at my wedding
A guy who could put a smile on any face by just walking it to a room

Miss ya Weiner……….”

From: Mike J

I also have lost someone in a work related accident. I lost my brother Colin before Dean passed on. He was a logger and he died in a land slide. Dean knew him. My mom and family were devistated. Dean is such a wonderful cheerful person and I believe he is smiling down at you and your family. Jim and I had some great times at his house especially in the summer when we first got together. Take care Dean and family.

From: andrea steves

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