Darrell K Brewer

Darrell K Brewer

You will be loved and missed by all that have had the pleasure to know you.

From: Cindy Brewer

There isn’t a day that you don’t cross our minds! You will always be loved and missed by all.

From: Karen

Nearly a year has gone by but it feels as if it were yesterday. You may be gone in sight but forever in my heart. You had a heart of gold. I love you.

From: Bobbi Brewer

when the day comes for me to leave on my next journey, and you come to great me. i will give you a hug and tell you i love you.untill that time comes i will remember you and charersh the time we had together….missed but never forgotten

From: arnie brewer

A day does not go by without thinking of you…forever in my hear and on my mind….love ya big as the world Brother…until we meet again.

From: Jenny Louis

remebering all the times you’ve smiled that big cheese and touched the hearts of many. miss ya lot’s cuz, i know the family does too.

From: Rocky

It’s been almost 2 years…the time slowly ticks by and the sorrow is still just as strong…love ya forever brother and I know I will see you again.

From: Jen Louis

Its been nearly three years, I miss you so much.

From: Bobbi Brewer

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