Alex Walter Gropp

Alex Walter Gropp

I dedicate this to one of the best friends a person could have . A person who would always help out a friend in a time of need,and to whom we all miss very much

From: Tony Shatzko

Friday April 27th is the annual day of morning. They day we remember friends and family like Alex who have suffered with the loss of our loved one due to those horrible accidents that in many cases would have been prevented if the work place was safe…Lets remember…all my loving thoughts and memories are what help me endure. .

From: Dar

“Ole Buddy Miss you….think of you all the time…miss you more

From: david huppie

“A moment in time
to stop and reflect
on a painful day
we try hard to reject.

A workplace unsafe
directions unclear.
And Alex, our brother,
is no longer here.

People have suffered,
our lives now are changed,
but memories will keep us
til we see him again.

From: Rita Festing

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