Aldo  Pullano

Aldo Pullano

To my dear brother Aldo, All you were doing was trying to make a living that dreadfull day just before Christmas,
when you were taken from us. We all miss you very dearly, especially your beautiful daughter Brittany.
R.I.P. my dear brother.

From: Maria Pagnotta

Every day I think of you. Every SINGLE day. There isnt a day that goes by that you dont cross my mind. I miss you more than I could ever put into words. I feel cheated, like so many probably do that have lost a parent too soon. I wasn’t ready for you to leave… many ways I feel like we just started getting to know each other. It has always blown me away even when I lived with mom when I was little, how strong our bond was. You had this way of phoning me when I needed you. You ALWAYS knew and somehow, I always knew when you needed me too. I never for one day of my life questioned how much you loved me, even during those times when we didnt see a lot of each other. I honestly dont think there was ever a person on this earth that was more loved by their father than I was. I hope you died knowing that I knew that. A part of me has been missing for 3.5 years and I’ll never get it back until the day we are reunited. Most days I can accept you being gone, but once and a while I am overcome by how mad I still am and how unfair this is. You were working so hard at making a living, paying for your house reno’s and helping to pay for my wedding. I have so much respect for you, daddy. I will miss you for the rest of my life and I promise to live my life to the fullest for BOTH of us. I hope you see how in love Mike and I are. I take such good care of him and he supports and loves me unconditionally. It makes me sad thinking that you didn’t get to know him as well as I would have hoped. You guys got a long so well, he got you 100%. I was so excited for you to have a son in law! He reminds me of you in many ways. Life has been pretty good to me since you’ve been gone, and I feel blessed, but selfishly I would give it all up to have you back. Your loving daughter – Brittany Rose

From: Brittany Pullano-Giesbrecht

wow that is a said story my heart goes out to you as I worked with you mom I see his grave at the cemetery when ever I go up there

From: Tristan Arychuk

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